Friday, May 1, 2009

The G20 Follow-up...

This past month Pathways Community Church, Largo, FL sent a team to get the job done. But prior to coming the church raised some funds to give direct assistance to the Malnutrition center. It has taken a little bit of time but the results are in. Two of the investments have started their return - the other will take a little more time as the trees need to mature for the fruit to get started.

But of the first two - The children are now sleeping on better mattresses, and the chickens are producing eggs, I understand at least 10 a day. Which is sufficient for the present needs of the children.
Thank you Pathways and the G20 team. Take a look at the photos.

Both Chickens and Eggs - We choose where to start!

Juan Luis, the Center Volunteer (He is looking for more support $$ to stay a volunteer), Juanita, Ana Luisa - The Center Director.

Some of the kids loving their new mattresses.

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