Wednesday, May 13, 2009

La Dia de Madres...

Mother's day is an event no matter which country you might be in. As the Chaplain w/ Valor and Service, it was my responsibility to make an event happen for the women serving in Sacatepéquez. Fortunately there was a gentleman in our church that wanted to help.

So here is what happened.
Of the 50 potential women working in the Department Sacatepéquez 30 arrived accompanied by their sub-station Officials. We showed the movie "Fireproof". We gave away a bunch of foo-foo stuff that my assistant Ana made happen with the help Rosendo Morales getting some jewelry and a free stays in hotel. The food was cooked on the man grill provided for use by Rusty Johnson and served to the women by their bosses. Very Cool.

The entire leadership for the National Police in this department were present all the way up to the #1 position. The day was very good. Yes, we were late in the celebration. What can you expect from a bunch men planning the event.

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