Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dia de Padres...

As the Guatemalan holidays are somewhat different from those in the USA, fathers day gets a double bonus. Here in GUA the date is a constant. So every June 17th is celebrated as father's day regardless of the day actual.

For the officers there was a play day -which tranlsates directly into fútbal. These guys got together for a game and then grilled meat, frioles, salsa and tortijas. Since there was a portable grill, this constituted as a cookout. During this time it was my pleasure to meet with Comisario Utulan the lead man for all of the department of Sacatepéquez and also his boss Martinez Aguilar - who manages five departments. (Not seen in this photo are the additional 30 men that showed up late...)

This year we were able to be a part of a great event for the guys in the National Police. The day included two events. The first of which was for the officers in Sacatepéquez and the other for the agents. All of whom were dads.

Later in the evening we had a time of worship and study with the agents and also food for the body - a lot of pizza. Yea God!

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