Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Gifts...

This past February we had a team visit from Northside Baptist Church, Syracuse, NY. On Wednesday Night - while they were here, we had a family vehicle stolen that belonged to members of our church. Edgar and Carmen Reyes, live in Pastores, they have at last count 8 kids (this number is a moving target as they take many children in as their own). They run a ministry for the children in several of the communities in Pastores. The team from Northside jumped in for this need and provided the $$ to replace the Reyes' vehicle. And while it has taken a bit longer than we had hoped - God provided the right vehicle. In the re-organization of Brazos de Jesus because of the loss of their directors, the right vehicle presented itself.

This is how great God is, that he would bring more vehicle than the resource should have allowed, and yet still large enough to carry the Reyes clan and other ministry uses. Attached is the translation of appreciation.

Guatemala July 28, 2009

To all who have collaborated,

We would like to thank you all for your valuable contribution used in the purchase of our vehicle (Dodge Durango) which serves to replace our last vehicle which was stolen from in front of the church. The automobile is of tremendous use to us as it facilitates our logistical movement among the various sites of "Los Ninos de Jesus" which we founded 11 years ago without ever receiving the type of monetary aid necessary to sustain the foundation.

We pray to god that your blessings are multiplied many times over in material as well as spiritual ways. You haven"t only blessed our family but rather each and every child and adult that are helped out by our foundation. We ask God that he insure we act as worthy administrators of the foundation in order to Impart the great love and salvation the he has gifted us with.

We love you all very much with the great love of god. We are especially thankful to Steve and Pastor Mike for their selfless collaboration in the process.

Familia Reyes Lopez

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