Monday, August 24, 2009

Baptism Party...

This weekend was 6 more and counting. Baptisms that is. The day was grand with a total of 126 people attending a new location in a remote part of San Antonio Aguas Calientes. The good news is this was more people attending the Baptism party than ever before. The bad new is it was low attendance that Sunday and there were more people at the pool in the afternoon than those attending services on Sunday.

With statistics like both a grandmother and grandson being baptized, a woman who still has not received her needed corrective surgery from a bus/tuk-tuk collision, a young man that comes from Celebrate Recovery, a young man that brought his parents with him to show them his church he attends with his friends, and a lady that wanted to declare her new life in Christ, what's not to love. Yea God!

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