Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Family Villalobo...

Today, Antonio and I had the privilege to pray for a family in the church. This is not too uncommon, the family lives in Cerra de Niño, Pastores. This community is high on the mountain range not easily accessible. The family asked us to come and pray over the home.

This family has recently been living in the homeless shelter in Antigua and had become regular attenders to our Sunday and Wednesday services. As well they serve faithfully in setting up the chairs and tables on Wednesday Nights -
see the previous article.
What made this unique is that the family just received a home from Brazos de Jesus and they wanted to honor God in the receipt of this home.

The team that built the home visited IDC just last week on Sunday Morning. And the family to receive the home was sitting right there with them.

This is one of the higher areas of Pastores - water and electricity are precious commodities this high up. But it made me laugh to see that a fútbal (soccer) / basketball recreation center had been constructed.

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