Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Country Church...

Last night Antonio and I were blessed to be a part of the Iglesia Monte de lo Alto. A small church in the community of Santa Maria de Jesus. We were asked to share with this congregation from the word. For me it is always fun to to see how and where God is working. This church was a small plant that was begun by a larger church from the Capital. After a period of time, 15 years or so, and no joy, the church from the city pulled out and left the building to whom ever would take it. A young man - Pastor Gabriel accepted the job to lead this small congregation of 10-15. Now 4 years later they are 60-70 strong and growing.

FYI - They need some help to finish the building. About 1,000 Ben Franklins will do the trick. If he is unavailable the equivalent in his amigos could certainly put a dent in the new church building fund.

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