Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Out and About...

Monday night we had the most fun doing a major non-event that had the potential for greatness. In conjuction with the ministry to the national police, I was asked to come and present to the men in the Police Academy of GUA - all 1200 of them. Long story short, we have much to look forward to as this event was 6 hours of a non-event. The power was out. But it was fun to drive the 1.5 hours - setup and wait for power - then determine that wasn't going to happen - tear down - go out to dinner - then drive home.

The great blessing is that the worship team came with, and we did spend some quality time with officers from the Ministry of Valor and Service. This is not the total IDC worship, but those present were from right to left - April, Alex, Jhonatan, Agent Barrios, Agent ??, Inspector Flores, myself, Abner and his fiance Katie - Clay the translator is taking the photo.

Please pray for this to become a regular event.

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