Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dia de Independencia...

Back during the Day of Independence for the US, we had a group of students from Pathways Community - Largo. One of their impromptu projects became a soccer field for the Tourist Police.

That little project has become very valuable. Somewhat coincidental timing, on the Day of Independence, the field was host to what will hopefully be many mini-tournaments. Three police units showed up for the afternoon - Disetur Antigua, PoliMerc Antigua, Disetur Guatemala City.

Working to expose the locals to a taste of American July 4th celebrations, there were hot-dogs and pizza for everyone. Of course the accent for the dogs was a local delicacy - "Pico de Gallo". A really good salza.

What a great day! Watching and listening to the officers laughing and having fun. Having an opportunity to share the Word. Thanks to PCC-Largo for your help in adding to something good.

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