Sunday, September 20, 2009

The mind of children...

In never fails to make me laugh how children can find joy in any location. During the soccer match that we had at the Disetur Station this last week, Steve and Jessica's children were able to come and watch the event. As you can imagine the attention span required to watch a bunch of grown men running around on a field chasing after a ball is more than is available for young kids.

They went exploring in this "vast wasteland of the police station." Amidst the laughter and fun heard from the men watching the game, I hear across the field Shelby and Jack yelling - "Dad! Come see what we found. In the forest there's a castle - Nate is standing guard!" Being the dutiful father, loving his children I see Steve going off hand in hand with two of his children, disappearing into the unknown of a child's fantasy. Shortly thereafter, the Otto children could be heard declaring protection of their fortress demanding to know "Who goes there?!" I am not sure but I think I heard Jack yelling something about dragon tracks.

It made me laugh and celebrate that much more the uniqueness of the day.

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