Sunday, October 25, 2009

The past couple of weeks...

We have had several days of just working against the clock to finish the honey-do list. But there have been several developments for the future of the church.

Since March, there has been an ongoing question of the future of our church location. God has blessed us this past year - new building, growth in ministries, average Sunday attendance to date is 169 each week - with an average of 254 people involved in all of the ministries of the IDC. Be that as it may, apparently the individual that was our landlord had not been paying the rent to the homeowner. Yes that was a problem. We have been working to resolve our occupancy in the house. This past week, we received a direct answer from God for whether or not we will be staying in our present location. No - is the short version.

We are looking for God's direction for where He will move us to. Pray for that.

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