Friday, December 11, 2009

Bill Tour...

This last week Bill (my boss) came for a site visit of a different kind. We have some folks very interested in creating jobs in Guatemala. Among things on the list is baseball gloves. It just so happens that Pastores, one of the communities in which we work, is considered the boot capitol of Central America. That means leather - hence the gloves.

We have a counsel member who is a boot maker as well - and that was where we started. A model was sent down in advance and when Bill, Phil, and Gio arrived we picked up the Mayor of Pastores and began to brainstorm. The hopes for the project is to manufacture viable leather baseball products with proceeds returning to ministry in Guatemala.

When we met privately with Mayor Lopez, Bill took the opportunity to present some "happys" to him and his family. As seen here this included a beautiful Florida Gators Jacket. Woof! Go Gators!

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