Friday, March 26, 2010

PNC Opportunity...

Tuesday's are our normal meeting time with the both the Civil Police of Pastores and also the Tourist Police of Antigua with the National Police of Guatemala. As we were heading out, a former commander (the number three man) for Station 74 - Sacatepèquez - Official Guerra, happened to be in the Disetur Station (Antigua). He invited Antonio and I to meet the Pastor of his new station in the city - Station 11. What developed that I later found out was this was an invitation to present the Biblical values class what we present to the officers available in station 11.

Antonio was taking the photo. Know this, this ministry to the Police would not be happening with out him. God is using and changing this man for incredible things.
We don't know if this station's opportunity will continue, as we were well outside of our normal focus, but is was truly a blessing to have a former Commander want we do for his new station. Yea God!

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