Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Week of Diversity...

As I am sitting in the sudo-pastor's office listening to the the sound of workers making renovations to this "Old House" - It makes me reflect on this week's events. For reason that I cannot explain, I had documented with photos many of these times.
1 - A wonderful surprise was a team from Dunwoody Baptist, GA. One of their focus points was to begin the renovations for part of our roof over what we call the Grand Hall. Much demolition would be required and rainy season doesn't start for another three weeks. That sounds good we have then do that...

after removing the old false roof leaky gutters on Monday, it has rained everyday since Tuesday night. This 2:30am Wednesday morning after 3hrs of steady rain and no gutters to catch the rain.

2 - A brother in the church passed away Monday night - Armando Perez was 55 years old - he leaves his wife Marta and their 8 year old son Josue. He died from long term effects of mismanaged diabetes.

3 - The same rain flooding our Grand Hall brought in a unique cold front that iced the top of Volcano Acotenango.

4 - I got to build a shelving unit from this shipping crates for the home the team from Georgia built, . This is sequence from left to right and down... It first worked as a bench - was upside down - then I built what was to be painted.

5 - Because of the onset of the rainy season early we have ramped up the efforts fix the many leaks on the building.

6 - Friday I got to take the team to the Malnutrition Center and then to visit the Ruins of Ixmche. It was a full week and it is a good tired. Yea God!

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