Saturday, May 29, 2010

The times are a comin'...

This week has certainly been interesting with Volcano Pacaya erupting and technical is still erupting . San Vicente is the city at the base of Volcano Pacaya. Now Tropical Storm Agatha is pouring her heart out. Even while writing this post, I can hear Volcano Fuego - the volcano just 10 miles from the house - roaring.

Just a few photo memories to mark the occasion.

I have never seen an airplane with a Mohawk. One more item to add the the surreality of my life.

These photos are from the southern part of Guatemala City. Up to 3 inches of ash fell from Pacaya - as of this posting 65 were injured and there three known deaths.

Then the rain... this is Saturday and we are looking at the next 5-6 days that the storm will be with us. It makes you wonder if these were the conditions before the earthquake that tanked Ciudad Vieja - the then capitol of the Spanish colony - some 500 years ago.

Monday, May 10, 2010

To start the week...

This was an interesting way to start the week. Monday morning we needed to move the Bibles that had arrived last Friday to the church. Early we met up with the crew helping in the remodeling of the church. Church member Bob Kornegay brought his big truck - we loaded the crew and went to get the Bibles. It was halfway there it registered in my brain that the six of us in the bed of the truck and the two in the cab would need to return back to the church with 22,000 or so Bibles and books - 5,000 stayed with Brazos de Jesus for them to distribute.

Because my legs were the longest I got to sit in the Parade Marshall's seat on top. You might as well have stuffed an apple in my mouth and put me on spit - I received quite the stares from the locals as we passed. "Hey look! A big gringo on a stack of boxes!"

Seen in the normal back of the truck seating are Edgar, Abner, Fernando, Luis Fernando and Rudy - others on this expedition that are not seen in the photo are Bob and Luis. What a great team.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

IDC Baptism...

Great Day!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Hand of God - Part 2...

Yet again, we are blessed to have front row seats watching what God is doing here in Guatemala. About this time last year we received 25,000 New Testaments primarily for the benefit of the National Police of Guatemala. Well, God did it again.

With the help of Empower Ministries out of Canada and others - just yesterday we have received another 25,000 Bibles - for the police - Brazos de Jesus and IDC. In addition are about 500 "Words of the Prophets" books and the "The King", the story of Christ in a comic graphic format - both of which are in Spanish of course.

Shown is the unloading of the Bibles and books at Brazos de Jesus. The Police were nice enough to bring them over to us. If the process holds true as last year, they will take about 6-9 months to disperse. Yea God!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The quick trip...

Nancy and I made a quick trip back to the states with the express purpose of updating my motorcycle endorsement on my license and clearing out a storage unit we have maintained the last 3.5 years. It coincided with our 90 visa as well - yada, yada, yada... We hadn't plan to mention the trip and for those of you wondering why we didn't call... sorry.

Not to bash any particular airline... however the irony of the moment did not escape my laugh zone when all at the same time that I was being a dutiful patron reviewing the safety information pamphlet - an announcement offering the "big chair" in the front of the plane for only a $75 upgrade payable only by credit/debit card - while taxiing to take-off - and the blatant opinion expressed by a previous passenger/aspiring artist on the cover of the safety information pamphlet.