Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Hand of God - Part 2...

Yet again, we are blessed to have front row seats watching what God is doing here in Guatemala. About this time last year we received 25,000 New Testaments primarily for the benefit of the National Police of Guatemala. Well, God did it again.

With the help of Empower Ministries out of Canada and others - just yesterday we have received another 25,000 Bibles - for the police - Brazos de Jesus and IDC. In addition are about 500 "Words of the Prophets" books and the "The King", the story of Christ in a comic graphic format - both of which are in Spanish of course.

Shown is the unloading of the Bibles and books at Brazos de Jesus. The Police were nice enough to bring them over to us. If the process holds true as last year, they will take about 6-9 months to disperse. Yea God!

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