Saturday, May 29, 2010

The times are a comin'...

This week has certainly been interesting with Volcano Pacaya erupting and technical is still erupting . San Vicente is the city at the base of Volcano Pacaya. Now Tropical Storm Agatha is pouring her heart out. Even while writing this post, I can hear Volcano Fuego - the volcano just 10 miles from the house - roaring.

Just a few photo memories to mark the occasion.

I have never seen an airplane with a Mohawk. One more item to add the the surreality of my life.

These photos are from the southern part of Guatemala City. Up to 3 inches of ash fell from Pacaya - as of this posting 65 were injured and there three known deaths.

Then the rain... this is Saturday and we are looking at the next 5-6 days that the storm will be with us. It makes you wonder if these were the conditions before the earthquake that tanked Ciudad Vieja - the then capitol of the Spanish colony - some 500 years ago.

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