Monday, May 10, 2010

To start the week...

This was an interesting way to start the week. Monday morning we needed to move the Bibles that had arrived last Friday to the church. Early we met up with the crew helping in the remodeling of the church. Church member Bob Kornegay brought his big truck - we loaded the crew and went to get the Bibles. It was halfway there it registered in my brain that the six of us in the bed of the truck and the two in the cab would need to return back to the church with 22,000 or so Bibles and books - 5,000 stayed with Brazos de Jesus for them to distribute.

Because my legs were the longest I got to sit in the Parade Marshall's seat on top. You might as well have stuffed an apple in my mouth and put me on spit - I received quite the stares from the locals as we passed. "Hey look! A big gringo on a stack of boxes!"

Seen in the normal back of the truck seating are Edgar, Abner, Fernando, Luis Fernando and Rudy - others on this expedition that are not seen in the photo are Bob and Luis. What a great team.

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