Friday, June 11, 2010

Cruisin' the Coast...

We have a few teams coming that require different team activities for the "ya-ya"day as we call them - this is the tour or rest day at the end of the week for our visiting teams. it was "required" of me to do some scouting out for the groups - check the timing and distance, road conditions, costs, etc. I got to do the following:

- See a group of men lift my moto onto the shuttle boat and have a 20 minute conversation with these ladies with whom this is everyday life -

- See a group of kids just swimming and enjoying the bayou that has flooded their house since Tropical Storm Agatha -

- Pass a serious section of road washed out from the storm -

- then be able to enjoy a soda break in a Guatemala tienda.

170 Miles - 6 hours - Beautful Day - Yea God!
Thank you again to those of you that made the trip possible on the KLR650.

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