Thursday, June 3, 2010

This week - post disaster...

I live in another country form my birth and this has given me a much larger perspective for the life I have been given. I grew up with the understanding of options. I was taught to see things beyond what is in front of me. These are some of the reasons that I am blessed...

Unlike my my friend in the National Police of Guatemala - the roof of my church did not collapse under the weight of volcanic ash.

This week, I have not had to suffer the loss that so many in this world or those in my back yard have suffered.

This morning, I didn't wake up to put my feet in the water that filled my house.

Today, I haven't had to dig out the mud from my house - or bury a loved one that was killed in a mudslide - or give up hope of finding them because they have been missing and assumed buried from the mudslide.

The Mayor of my city was not told by the national government that because of limited funds there would be no monies available to help him rebuild.

I didn't leave my home to escape the pending Tropical Storm only to return to a hole where my home used to be.

When I was blessed to take water and food to an emergency shelter - I was also just as blessed to have the option to leave and come home.

This posting is not to bleed guilt as much as to realize blessings and wealth are so much more than only what we have. If you are so inclined please go this website - - Prayerfully consider what you can do to share your blessings.

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