Saturday, July 10, 2010

San Pedro Las Huertas...

This afternoon I sat in a meeting in San Pedro Las Huertas. An aldea of Antigua. This had to be one of the most beautiful days I have seen recently for the valley. I guess the location and the purpose of the meeting are what I found the enigma.

Still reeling from Tropical Storm Agatha, the details of life - post disaster - are still with us. There are people whose lives will ever be changed from this storm. There were 14 homes destroyed in this aldea just kilometers from more death and destruction in the neighboring community of San Miguel Escobar. While the Mayor of Antigua has replaced the land to the home owners that lost everything - to a different location - the children living with their parents, the home owners are now out on the street (if there was one - figuratively speaking) because the new land space is smaller than what the parents owned before the storm. Their grown children have no place/space to live with their parents as they used to.

This meeting was with these families, some 21 or so (approximately 100 people), in the very river bed that their homes were once located in.

From this vantage point you can see Antigua in the background.

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