Monday, September 6, 2010

The church was robbed???

This past Sunday, a good friend of mine approaches me with a very concerned look on his face. The tone of his voice was very somber and deliberate. He asked me directly, ¨Did the church get robbed this past week?"

I looked at him, not sure if my internal Spanish translator was functioning. It seemed so out there, that I must have not understood him correctly.

Again he asked me, "What happened at the church? Did anything of consequence get stolen?" He went on to explain that his friend that works in the University next door to us, saw all of the Police coming and going from the church street entrance and was very concerned. Why else would the police be in our church except that they were there to investigate a robbery.

It turned out that he had been referring to the 7am-9am time slot when we host motivational meetings with Valor and Service for the National Police of Guatemala. Why else would police come to the church? I can tell you it was because they accepted the invitation to come for breakfast and hear the teaching of Biblical values. Woof!

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