Friday, December 31, 2010

Team Visit - 727Warehouse...

We had some good friends come by for a visit this last week. A sister church to the IDC - 727Warehouse - made their first venture into the world of short term missions.

They did a lot of painting in the Colonia - El es El Camino and "The Club in San Lucas...

They took a roadtrip into rural Guatemala (Xesuguan, Rabanal, Baja Verapaz) and gave away water filters to a community that will now have better drinking water...

They help to facilitate a children's street event with Pastor Gabriel in Santa Maria de Jesus...

and they met many new friends. Yea God!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve in the IDC...

Christmas in the IDC - The reason for the season.
The light of the world - Jesus the Christ.
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Toys in Pastores...

With a little help from Florida Baptist Children's Home - Okay a lot of help! - Iglesia Del Camino was able to bring toys and school supplies to the community events of Christmas in Pastores.

On the 23rd of this month, the toys were given out (the school supplies will be handed out in January). It was wonderful to see the smiles in the spirit of Christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Children's Christmas...

I love watching what God is doing. And as always I am in a front row seat. This year as we approached Christmas there was a group in the church that wanted to help others.

We had our first Angel Tree event helping others that would not otherwise had a Christmas.
This was a wonderful event. Thank you to all who made this happen.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Current Status...

This year has been incredible for the church and we are not even finished.

Here are some fun facts to brighten your day.

A link to download a before and after composite of our building renovations for the year - about 20megs.

Our cafe has been operating successfully.

We began the year with an attendance of 150 people - our average attendance for the year as of this month is 235 persons - that is a 27% growth in attendance from last years average.

We had 4 men in pastoral seminary training in the Seminário Bíblico de Guatemala.

We started the Jóvene Ministry (Youth Group) this year and they typically have 25 - 30 people in attendance on a Friday Night.

Our EFL classes have expanded to a satellite class in Pastores.

With the exception of Saturdays, there are activities and events that are teaching and/or demonstrating the love of God in this building every day of the week.

The ministry to the National Police of Guatemala has now expanded into 6 stations throughout the valley teaching biblical values in weekly meetings.

We have baptized 19 people this year. There have been numerous professions of faith in Jesus Christ and/or life re-commitments this year. Most recently, an officer of the national police, just this past week.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feeding the Hungry...

These past three weeks, every Wednesday, we did something as a church. We fed the hungry. I know this sounds rather simple, but basically we sent vehicles into the streets of Antigua and brought homeless and hungry people to the church and fed them dinner.

The people in the for ground of the photo were the volunteers preparing plates of food for the guests at the tables in the background. We did end up feeding about 140 people plus volunteers that final night. This was not only with food, but with the Word of God as well. Putting it all into action... what a concept.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hand Over the Keys...

This week we saw the culmination of months of work. If you have been reading this blog you have seen several articles for "El es El Camino" - a new neighborhood in Pastores, Sacatepèquez built to provide homes for 12 families that lost all or nearly everything in the Tropical Storm Agatha that hit Guatemala this past year.

Utilizing relief homes from Gulf Coast Supply via Hope Haven International - we also helped in matters of initial design and layout taking what was once overgrown land and converting that into a community.

We, Iglesia Del Camino (IDC), were blessed to have a hand in helping these families. In addition to IDC's part, there was the help of many others both national and international - Grace Community, Palm Coast Community, Eagle Baptist, South Tulsa Baptist, Calvary Baptist, The Ridge Association, Sharon Baptist - just to name a few.

This past Saturday December the 11th, the families received their keys to their new homes. Yea God!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

PNC Breakfast...

Continued ministry expansion...

What a blessing it is to serve.