Sunday, January 23, 2011

Events with the PNC...

This last week we saw an incredible landmark for the future of the National Police of Guatemala (PNC).

Police Breakfast in the IDC - 1/20/11
The Back Story -
Since October of 2006, Antonio and I have been blessed to have had an active part in the lives of officers here in the Antigua area - working for the Ministry of Valor and Service of the PNC. One of the more subtle details for our ministry is this: my first appointment as Chaplain of a local substation; that has since become a Chaplaincy position for all of Station 74 in the Department Sacatepéquez - including two staff positions and volunteer Pastors; was very much a surprise at that time.

With me that day was Bill Losasso - my boss, Gio Llerena - with Chapel Baseball, and Dan Nolta - at that time he was the President of the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) and was in Guatemala helping to establish a chaplaincy program with Valor and Service. It was actually on his recommendation to my now supervisor, Norma Hernandez, that we go to the substation and meet the station commander. Dan and I had only met and spoken maybe 10 minutes. After my appointment as Chaplain his only words to me were - "Your life is about to change." - was he ever correct.

6 months after that day, Norma was summarily dismissed along with most of the National Police leadership because of a scandal with other leadership. Dan's hopes for a chaplaincy program in GUA were leveled. By the grace of God Antonio and I were able to continue our work in Antigua for almost 2 years - just doing what God led us to do.

Other fun facts in the time-line:
1 - In January of 2009, Norma returned to her position as the Secretary of Valor and Service.

2 - This past summer, with Dan's help, we sent Antonio to Sacramento for the ICPC's annual conference - with the goal to bring that training to GUA.

Dan came this week to help formulate the plan for the first ever Chaplaincy Training for National Police of Guatemala. We had some obstacles to overcome but God has been laying the ground work for this for some time. Case in point, there are approximately 100 active police men and/women wanting to serve as Chaplains. We would need to have them cleared of duty responsibilities for 3 days with pay for the training. We would need them to be trained for something that is unknown to the Police as a whole. There are two pivotal meetings that we would need to have a "yes" from.

Meeting 1 - The Personnel Director for PNC of GUA. In the spring of 2009 we were blessed with 25,000 Bibles for the PNC. The number two man for Sacatepéquez was ¨Guerra Cornejo¨ at the time. He personally assisted in the distribution of the New Testaments to all of the men under his command. And told me whatever we need we have only to ask. Guess who is now the Personnel Director for the PNC of GUA?

Norma de Hernández - Guerra Cornejo - Antonio Sandoval - Dan Nolta
Meeting 2 - The Director General of the PNC. This man has total "go or no go" veto power for this event. In the last couple of years Valor and Service was there to assist him personally prior to his appointment as Director General. He likes Valor and Service.

Hand of God? Absolutely!  Last Thursday we had an introduction to Chaplaincy training and this coming March 21-23 at the National Police Training Academy in San Juan, Sacatepéquez, we are scheduled for about 100 officers and 20 civilians to come and be trained in tools of Chaplaincy.  Then commissioned as Chaplains for the National Police of Guatemala.  Yea God!

Funding is need for this event.  If you would like an opportunity to help bring change to the National Police of Guatemala, please email me stating as such.  When I have the final details I will communicate just exactly how to be a part of this venture.

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