Monday, January 24, 2011

Gifts for Pastores pt 2...

Adding to the bonus of this past week, I received a phone call from the Mayor of Pastores verifying the final distribution of a gift to the city of Pastores.

With the help of Florida Baptist Children's Home, Dunwoody Baptist in Georgia and the IDC the community of Pastores had Christmas Gifts and backpacks, shoes, and other school supplies for the new school year.

In December we received the shipment of supplies and almost as quickly the gifts were distributed to the children as part of their community Christmas events.  However, last Friday was the distribution of the school supplies and such.  

This was tagged into the dedication of a new building expansion that had been sponsored by United Way and USAid.  These organizations replaced a wing of the main school campus in San Lorenzo El Tejar and finished a second floor the secondary school not far away. 

In total there are nominally 1,300 students in just these schools alone.  This was a very cool event.

Thank you Florida Baptist Children's Home and Dunwoody Baptist...

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