Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Would you believe?

It strikes me that more times than not - we ask God to bless and expand us.  Then, when he shows himself, we look stupefied at what just happened.  Well, not so in this case.  I've been telling people that God is doing something, it's big and it's coming.  He has shown himself in a big way.

Only three years ago we were looking at the reality of having to shut down the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) ministry.  This was a sad time as this ministry was a foundational aspect to the earlier versions of the IDC.  

This past year there has been a great deal of building the infrastructure to accommodate what God has in store for us.   Last night we had our annual inscription for the EFL Ministry and God tipped his hand.  Now, we have 168 students for our 2011 class year - nearly 60% more students to learn English and experience the love of God in the IDC.

Yea God!

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