Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Dedication... again.

As a believer in Christ I love it when others get passionate for the things of God - I love it when I am witness to these things.  Being able to see how God can take a bad situation and make it good when individuals focus on Him - that is where it is at for me.

This week theIDC was blessed to see the next step in the restoration of a marriage.  The Robles came into the church the better part of two years ago and basically were getting ready to divorce.  The rollercoaster in their relationship has been extreme.  Since then, they have found reconciliation between themselves and God.  They have recommitted themselves in their vows and marriage before the congregation.  And continue this path in the dedication of their new daughter, Alejandra Maria.  Yea God!

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  1. you know I am so blessed to have you as a friend. you are the real deal for HIM. I pray for you and Nancy and will do so even more. sure that wasn't a baptism? JK. you da man. your friend Randy L Corinth