Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Results of Obedience...

Why, when a church from the states came to theIDC and asked how they could help, did I refer them to Pastor Gabriel in Santa Maria de Jesus - a small community not far from Antigua?

Why, when a man who had been in our church for about 6 months had come to me and asked for prayer and strength to follow the vision God had given him many years ago to work with children and the people in indigenous communities, did I refer him to Pastor Gabriel as well?

The only explanation is that I knew it was the right thing to do.  This was an act of obedience on my part as God made it clear to me that my job was to connect these people.

I do know that the results of these steps in obedience have resulted in what is now a vibrant children's outreach ministry through the Pastor Gabriel's church.  The serious problem now is where to put them all.  

This is real.  People are hungry - not only for food, but also the word of God.  The real question is what are we going to do with and about that?

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