Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zacapa Mission Team...

So this is a photo of a land mark team.  It represents something new for theIDC with 5 members of this team directly sent from the church.  We have been hosting teams from the United States for several years now.  Their focus has always been in various areas of benevolence in and around the greater Panchoy Valley, which is to say the immediate Antigua area.

However, this week theIDC partnered with a church from Texas to benefit community in Zacapa. 

The mission focus included dental and ophthalmology, evangelical and children's ministry.  The children's work was theIDC's responsibility.  With over 500 children told about Jesus Christ.  Yea God.

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  1. Mike, It's sounds like God is really on the move with the ministry there. As you say, "Yeah, God!" You all are in our prayers constantly. God bless you.