Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream a little dream...

This past week Nancy and I went back down to the coast, asking more questions for the possibilities for the Moringa Initiative.

We went with good friends from Texas, Chuck and Ann, who introduced us to Rony and his wife Dunia.  They are on staff with the church, Iglesia San Pablo in Puerto San Jose.  Chuck and Ann's church, Grace Community Church, Tyler Texas have been in partnership here for close to 14 years.  We had lunch with a shark.

Of many things I see here, in my surreal life, is the constant reminder that impossible is possible when God is involved.  This small CAM church is in the middle lf the community of San Jose, has as many as 8 churches seeded in the greater Puerto San Jose / Iztapa area.

If seeing is believing we also were toured through the churches sanctuary and three floors of Genesis Christian School a mission to the community.  The "ne" sayer be silenced.  By the grace of God and the vision of those who step out in faith, this school has grown to over 200 students.

Even when the challenge is higher than we can envision, He is still doing amazing things.  Yea God!  

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  1. Yep, YEA GOD! Just look at what he has done through your ministry there over the last few years. AMAZING!