Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Out of the House...

When you have a church, so many people only see it as a place to come to and not for what the church really began as, and that is a movement, an assembly...  Ekklesia.  If we only wait for people to come to us, then we will seriously limit the number of people that we can share with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This week Giovanne began what we hope to be regular events as an extension of IDC's reach.  He is doing assemblies with local schools, sharing his testimony, and the value of a drug free life.  This really is a God sized opportunity.  Yea God!

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  1. This is just so awesome. I remember meeting Giovanne when we worked on home building. I knew after we heard his testimony, that God would use him in an grand way. Isn't in neat how God is the great Orchestrator of Events? He truly does cause all things to work for good! It is amazing how many kids he will influence for good. We pray that God would continue to enlarge your territory!!