Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The TEAMeffort...

This past month we had the absolute blessing of two weeks of renovation help from TEAMeffort.  This is a organization with many events during the year that expose groups to short term missions.  We were the target of the two weeks of their service projects here in Antigua.  While we have accomplished quite a bit of renovation during our year and a half in the building, there was not shortage of work to be done.

They came and they got it done.  With work ranging from clearing space for a new sitting area in our children's area, stuccoing columns in the sanctuary, general cleaning of the gardens and facilities, deep cleaning of the cafe and kitchen, and painting the front of the cafe and sanctuary with most places in between, plus varnishing the ally door.

Thank you TEAMeffort.  Yea God for you!

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  1. awesome pics. can't wait to get back there