Monday, September 5, 2011

Moringa Update...

About 3 weeks we were exploring viable options for the next phase of the Moringa Initiative.  While out and about, we met one Gregorio Prem.  A sugar cane farmer and landowner that is about a year ahead of us in the Moringa learning curve.  He has taken a small piece of his land options and turned it into Moringa growth.  Not only on his farm in Esquintla where we are looking but also in Peten, the lowlands in the northern region of the country.

While we still hope to be putting some plants into the ground in the next months, which is the 2nd phase to the Moringa Initiative, Gregorio has agreed to provide us the necessary Moringa powder to start with the phase 3 at a reasonable cost.  We'll keep you posted as this unfolds.

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