Friday, December 23, 2011

It´s only 30-45 minutes...

This week amongst the prechristmas preparations, I was priviliged with the opportunity to travel again to the community of San Pedro Cerra.  A small community of around 200 hundred homes on the extended mountain range towards the SE of Volcano Agua.  The above photo is looking west towards Agua - Santa Maria de Jesus - and Antigua beyond the visible ridge.

What is a 3 hour drive around the base of the volacano or a 2.5 - 3 hour hike over the mountain was supposed to be a 30-45 minute ride with motorcycles.  This gave the inspiration to take some Bibles on a scouting trip in preparation for an upcoming team visit from South Tulsa Baptist Church and their desire to bring more help to the village church when they arrive this coming February.

The truth was in there somewhere.  The trail was not a quick ride.  Actually, it was one of the most advanced rides I have ever been on.  So, after several spills for the irregular terrain, 6 miles of trenches (some taller and/or narrower than my KLR650), a couple of fractured toes, dehydration and some roadside vomiting, we made it.

Since when nothing is ventured - nothing is gained, we anticipate that God is going to so something very special in our relationship with Pastor Gilberto Gonzalez and the Iglesia Pentecostes Evangelio Extendido.

FYI - We made it back via the highway - we called for a ride and Obed and Luis came to the rescue with the church´s KIA worktruck.  Yea God!

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