Monday, April 30, 2012

CPR Taining...

Amongst the various work that our teams help us with, it is always good to have the extra expertise that comes in to help with special training.  As is the case with with our friends from Southport Baptist.  In addition to water filtration sponsorships, children´s outreach events, helping in the feeding center and building a couple of homes, they helped to facilitate a CPR training course for the Civil Police of Pastores.

When this was being planned the question of whether or not we had CPR dummies available was raised.  This made me very nervoius that they may ask this dummy to step in.  Fortunately they had dummies with which they could pack and go.  Yea God!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Time to pray...

I never tire of this.  Taking time to pray on a Sunday Morning.  Both services - many voices unified in prayer - not that's multiplicity.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

2 Services...

Meet Feliciano (Chano) the greeter.
He says welcome two one of our two services - 9am and 10:45am

Double the treasure, double the fun...  attendance is up.  Yea God!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mirador 2... again.

It is amazing how a little piece of plastic can impact a life.  This family lives in Mirador2, Pastores - a community not too far from La Antigua.  It is a small community of about 35-40 families living as sharecroppers in the farmfields that make up this community.  

Their water source is one of two sources - a garden valve on the north end of the community which translates to a minimum of 1.5km as the garden hose is in the community center and surrounded by fields.  They charge Q5-10 pending the size of your container.  A Q - Quetzal is the GUA bill - Exchange Rate Q to $ 1:7.7ish.  The other option that most use because Q5 means food or not, is a toxic river.  Boiling the water before usage has been the norm, but then they have expense of wood or gas is they are fortunate.

The ill effects of this method of purification is that it doesn't always clean the water.  As was the case with this young girl in front, she developed a rash from consuming the ¨boiled¨water.  Out of generosity from others last August, they were provided with a filter for their home as seen in the photos in background and below.  Clean water, no rash.

I know that world wide, things are tight for everyone but maybe you could buy one of these smiles - give up something for yourself - sponsor a filter that we can give to someone that you don't know. If that sounds good to you, email me and I will tell you how.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Children's Area...

Before in 2009 when we arrived...

After just 2 weeks ago in time for the start of our second service...

 Yea God!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Semana Santa in Antigua...

The Holy Week festivities are always a big deal in Antigua for many reasons.  Several years back I posted a couple of blogs to highlight this special time.  But I am curious to note that the processions of the two key events in the Passion of the Christ are most often unnoticed.  

Usually cars are towed and announcements are made.  But most certainly this year - Christ entering into Jerusalem on a Donkey and news of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ just didn't carry that much weight.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Share Tip #36...

Here is something very simple.  Antonio and I are working with the Civil Police in the community of Pastores, with this group we are finishing three years.  When asked "What will best help you in your job, what tool do you need the most?"  They responded - "When we work at night, we can't see."

I made a phone call to dear friends with New Beginnings Community Church.  They brought 20 Mag-Lites this week.  Now this team of men and women not only have a physical light to see with in dark situations, but in the demonstration generosity from people they have never met,  more light has been shown than can be imagined. 

Make a difference.  Let your light shine.  Yea God!