Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taking the house...

This last September, after we had been operating the feeding program in Santa Maria de Jesus for about 4 months, a family involved and participating in the program offered his home to us.  He wanted to sell us the property as he had an opportunity to make another purchase.  We didn't have the cash.

It wasn't but 60 days later and God had provided the resource to make the purchase.  Due to process we couldn't begin to close the deal until December.  And due to more process it wasn't until January that we closed.  And as the family needed to time to build their new house it wasn't until this last week we took posession.

As a part of the celebration, we were able to bless the children with a little bit of Disney - all  8 of them.  They needed a bigger space.

Obed, Gabriel and Mike with Florencio and his family...
This family, while they have received payment for their property, gave us their home at less than fair market value.  They have uprooted and moved into their home, not yet finished.  They have sacrificed to make a future for the feeding program.  The new home for this center has been appropriately named - "Campo de Sueños, Jeremías 29:11" - "Field of Dreams, Jeremiah 29:11".

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