Friday, May 18, 2012

To the coast...

These last couple of days Nancy and I were able to get down to the coast for a visit with our friends Brad and Cindy.  They let us share in their company get together.  They own and operate a billfishing company out of Puerto San Jose.  Guatemalan Billfishing Adventures - also on Facebook...

To see the the port is very impressive.  Especially the Iguanas that live in the shore rocks.  We were able to take Koko y Mita with us.  One morning while walking them in their neighborhood, an Iguana ran across the street.  Seeing the reaction from the dogs you would have thought is was a Mississippi Squirrel.  All of that running wore them out.

We are blessed to have friends that would share their home and life with us.  Thank you Brad and Cindy.

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