Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sandra Limón...

This is Sandra.  She has been an active part of Campos de Sueños, our feeding program, and the student ministry of Aposento Alto.  At present the ministry services nearly 150 children and students with the church and over 200 in the feeding program.

This week Sandra was found dead from a gunshot wound in a cornfield on the edge of Santa Maria de Jesus.

We always hope that the message of a man named Jesus and His gift that changes lives is heard.  Sandra is one of many in this ministry  that have made a decision to follow the teachings of Jesus and had requested to participate in our upcoming baptism services in theIDC.

We believe that this man named Jesus came to this world to save that which was lost.  He was crucified, dead and buried, then He walked out of the grave.  He demonstrated that death as we think of it could not hold Him.  And for all who believe in Him they too can have eternal life with Him.

Sandra is one who professed her faith in this hope.  She is one that did not get away.

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